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Painting in Provence
The artist at work in Provence.

Margaret Baylock Dean's art education began at the College of New Rochelle. Although she was an art major at the time and received art instruction under department head, Ernest Thome Thompson, she also pursued an additional interest in the field of art education. She completed a course of study that prepared her as an instructor of art on both the elementary and secondary levels. Upon graduation she was employed by the Farmington Board of Education and taught for a number of years in their school system. The presentation of her first one-man show also occurred during these years as part of the masters in art education program at Central Connecticut State University.

The time between her early education and the present has been a consistently busy one. Raising three children and moving six times in ten years prior to settling in Branford, Connecticut left her little time to pursue her artistic endeavors except for an occasional course or workshop. With these family obligations now behind her, Margaret has found an entirely new segment of time available for her artwork. She is determined to use this opportunity wisely and has made the mental commitment to concentrate more fully on one aspect of painting, the plein air genre.

Over the years, Margaret has studied locally, in workshops given at the Scottsdale Artist School, and at the Lyme Academy of Art. The focus there on strong academic principles has augmented the foundation she received earlier. Both Jerry Caron and Dan Gheno were very helpful in guiding her development at this point in her training. Most recently, however, she has discovered the Plein Air Painters of America. The founder of this prestigious group of artists, Kevin Macpherson, has been extremely influential in her progress and she has found his critiques and encouragement extremely helpful. She has been fortunate enough to have studied with him on several occasions over the years and has participated in one of the European workshops that he mentored in the spring of 2002.

The Connecticut Plein Air Painting Society, an extension of this group, is now the perfect venue on the local level. Their statewide paint-outs provide much inspiration and opportunity to experience wonderful rural locations. Margaret has been on their board for several years and is currently serving as their president.

Most of her recent works depict quite clearly her love of painting only on site. As the Impressionists many years ago, she constantly strives to capture a particular moment in time and is consistently fascinated with the play of light on her subjects. Since she prefers to work from real life, the still life arrangements she sets up in her studio become her inspiration on inclement days or during the cold winter months. It is very seldom that she will work from photographs.

Display of her work has taken place in countless shoreline exhibits and can be viewed at her studio in Branford, Connecticut where she now works and teaches. She has been awarded prizes for her accomplishments and hopes that through her innate determination and ceaseless efforts that she will continue to grow as an artist.

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