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My involvement with the "plein air" tradition actually started many years ago as an undergraduate. Although we didn't use that exact terminology at the time, the outdoor painting classes required by the art department were definitely my initiation to creating on location. I was intrigued from the start, and now prefer that methodology almost exclusively. Nothing else even comes close to inspiring me in the same way. The sensory involvement from actually being at the painting site seems to be the necessary spark for the beginning of my creative journey. It is only when this becomes impossible that I turn to the still life setup in the studio for my inspiration.

The fluidity of oils paints with their translucency and richness of color is such a perfect medium for this approach. I need to make decisions quickly and yet have the opportunity for all those "corrections" that follow. Often, I struggle , not just with the elements themselves but with the challenge to "capture" that moment in time At the present, I work fairly small and use a rather limited palette of colors. My French easel also helps to keep the process somewhat simple.

When the timing is right, when the many facets of this challenging medium come together, I feel successful. It is with great anticipation that I approach the next painting location and the opportunity to share with others a part of my personal observations and experiences.

The goal for me, is always the same; to take these experiences and capture them in my own unique way so that I might touch those who happen upon my work. I invite you to enjoy the fruits of my artistic journey and become a part of the creative process.

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