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Landscape Gallery

I welcome you to view the current selections featured in the following gallery. The landscapes were all completed on site in many different locations. Try as I may the validity of a studio landscape piece never seems to be as true as a "plein air" painting. The sun, the wind and the sound of the birds are the optimum spark for my creative journey. These outdoor adventures chronicle the many places that I have visited over the past few years. Many are in the lovely Connecticut shoreline location where I presently reside. Some are the results of group painting excursions with the Connecticut Plein Air Painting Society as we visited the beautiful farmlands of our state. It is my hope that these experiences which have enriched my life will, in turn bring joy and enlightenment to others.

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Still Life

Often the creative journey cannot be accomplished outdoors. Living in New England can be challenging for on-site creativity. For theses situations the still life compositions are the alternative.

But once again, it is the actual physical entity that entices me here. Photographs distort and only give part of the information I require to capture my subject matter. The beauty of the simplest motif, perhaps mundane to some, will often catch my eye. I'm striving here for color harmony and a pleasing play of light, and, as always, a subject matter that is of great interest to me.

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